Sunday, 17 March 2013


This little man would be the reason for my absence here...!


  1. Hi, Sorry just have to ask are you Swedish? With a name like Gustavsson and a little boy called Lars (gorgeous by the way!).

    I came across your site while browsing on a Geelong site, as my family and I are currently looking at moving to Australia. I am Swedish, but the rest of my family is a mix. :) If you have the time it would be great to hear your thoughts of Geelong, and Barwon Heads side.
    Thanks for your time. Emma

    1. Hi Emma!
      My dad is Swedish and I was born in Australia. We named Lars after dad ;)
      Whereabouts are you relocating from?
      We've been living around here for almost 10 years and love it!
      We love living on the coast and it's a great community around here.
      Geelong is so close and easy to get to and then Melbourne is also very accessible without having to live amongst the city congestion. Feel like we've got the best of both worlds here :)
      Not sure what site you saw me on, but 'Oh Hello Geelong' is a great blog about all the cool stuff going on around the area:
      Hope this is helpful and good luck with it all!

    2. Thanks Chelsea, I have just discovered; Oh Hello Geelong, great blog. Looks like there are lots of lovely quirky places in the area.
      We are currently living in Portugal. Thanks again. Emma